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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-03-04Accountancy Question Paper (H.S. 1st Year 2022)College, Dudhnoi
2022-02-26Advance Assamese H.S. Pre Final ExaminationCollege, Dudhnoi
2021-11-30ALT-CC-3016 (3rd Semester)College, Dudhnoi
2022-02-26Alternative English H S Pre Final ExaminationCollege, Dudhnoi
2021-11-10Anthropology Question Paper (3rd semester)College, Dudhnoi
2021-11-30Anthropology Question Paper (1st Semester)(Sessional)College, Dudhnoi
2021-11-30Anthropology Question Paper (5th Semester)College, Dudhnoi
2022-02-26Assamese H.S Pre Final ExaminationCollege, Dudhnoi
2021-12-01Assamese Question Paper (1st semester)(Sessional)College, Dudhnoi
2021-11-30Assamese Question Paper (3rd semester) (Sessional)College, Dudhnoi
2021-11-02Assamese Question Paper (5th semester) (Sessional)College, Dudhnoi
2022-03-02Biology Question Paper ( H.S Pre-final examination 2021)College, Dudhnoi
2022-03-03Bodo Question Paper (H.S. 1st Year Unit Test 2022)College, Dudhnoi
2021-11-10Chemistry Question Paper (1st semester) (Sessional)College, Dudhnoi
2022-03-04Chemistry Question Paper (H.S. 1st Year Unit Test 2022)College, Dudhnoi
2021-11-30Chemistry Question Paper(3rd Semester) (Sessional Examination)College, Dudhnoi
2022-03-04Computer Science Question Paper (H.S. 1ST Year 2022)College, Dudhnoi
2022-02-26Economics H.S Pre FinalCollege, Dudhnoi
2021-11-05Education Question Paper ( 3rd Semester)College, Dudhnoi
2022-02-26Education H S Pre Final ExaminationCollege, Dudhnoi